Amazon Elements Revisited

Trust Transparency Center was one of the first to follow the launch of Amazon Elements private label of Vitamins and Supplements. On March 1, 2017, seven days after the initial launch, I published a post [...]

August 7th, 2018|

Brand Manufacturer Responsibility, Complaints, Adverse Event Reporting (AER)/ Serious Adverse Event Reporting (SAER)

Continuing our plan to detail the regulatory and fundamental quality responsibilities that all brand manufacturers (especially online-only brands) need to embrace, this piece offers a short discussion about the importance and process for complaints and [...]

A Discussion of Drug and Supplement Power Duos

It’s often with a deep sense of frustration that we listen to doctors or mainstream media pan the entire dietary supplements industry and write off all products as ineffective and unsubstantiated. We in the industry [...]

A Trust Transparency Collision – Spotlight on SC Johnson

At Trust Transparency Center, we actively seek out best practices in corporate activity that support our premise that the proactive exercise and commitment to Trust Transparency has high ROI across many measurements. We also seek [...]