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Creating value through supply chain partner management

As a pragmatic, logical person, I frequently find myself, not without some difficulty, attempting to calculate a hard return or quantitative portion to the more qualitative aspects associated with value-laden terms such as transparency or [...]

An Amazon Health Store; No Clerks or Cashiers?

Last week I tackled Amazon and dietary supplement brands. In this week’s post, I address Amazon’s overall retail impact. Amazon is creating an offline retail terrain that provides threat and opportunity for today’s health stores. [...]

A Note to Amazon and Sellers – Collision of Expectation Imminent on New Retail Superhighway

A Transparency Collision will likely occur when consumers’ or customers’ expectations differ from reality. The outcome of this type of collision will create both fallout and opportunity. And, this collision is imminent for a rapidly [...]

What the Natural Products Industry is Doing Right

Somehow 2017 is nearly over, and while our industry has had a lot of ups and downs, the ups outshine the downs and we have a bright future. So often, I catch us acting defensive [...]

TTC’s What’s Hot, What’s Not List

As 2017 winds down and we head into 2018, we took a step back to reflect on what’s going to be “hot” in 2018 and what to drop. The HOT: Transparency …in the Workplace: #MeToo [...]

PCQI – A Newest Ingredient for Compliance

Phew, that was intense, and now it’s over and I’m rather glad. It was worth it, though. Last week I successfully completed the Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance (FSPCA) course titled Preventive Controls for Human [...]

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