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Supplement Industry Self-Policing Still Inadequate

Why is the dietary supplement industry allowing itself to become worse instead of better at self-policing? The dietary supplement industry is often accused of being unregulated, yet, in reality, it is very regulated with a [...]

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A Global Affair – tales of twisted supply chains

With news breaking that European authorities have determined that over two thirds of websites (779 of 1100 websites) are offering non-authorized products, or that the products carry unsubstantiated claims, the issue of e-tail gatekeeping now [...]

New supplement retail superhighway could have real potholes

Several weeks ago, we wrote about seven regulatory and fundamental compliance areas where emerging brands using the e-tail channel, especially on Amazon, may be taking shortcuts either through ignorance or intention. These shortcuts were likely [...]

Athletes Have More Info Than Ever to Make Smart Supplement Choices

I love watching the Olympics—learning about countries we rarely hear about, celebrating individuals overcoming significant obstacles, and watching breathtaking athletic feats. During the Games, along with most major sporting events, the topic of athlete nutrition [...]

January 29, 2018 Changed the Future of Nutritional Supplements

When wealthy men decide they have had enough, radical change occurs, think John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Bill Gates and John Pierpoint Morgan. Two recent critical announcements from world renown leaders are notable events with [...]

When a Supplement Outperforms a Drug

When a dietary supplement ingredient outperforms a new pharmaceutical drug, the world does take notice, but the eventual outcomes are predictably different. This is what happened when two separate studies occurred using the same disorder [...]