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Translating transparency into business calculus

By Hank Schultz, 02-Jun-2017 Being transparent is more than just the right thing to do. It can boost the bottom line, experts say. Read the full article on

First Results from NAXA Verification Program

Said NAXA President Scott Steinford, “NAXA is pleased to confirm the majority of the market is representing itself accurately, and encourages consumers to demand accurate labeling.”

Perrigo unloads US supplements business to contract manufacturer

“If you look at the mass market contract manufacturing world, IVC has become a dominant player,” says Scott Steinford.

Industry opening up to idea of pre-market notification process for supplements

“Pre-market notification seems reasonable for all the obvious reasons including traceability and transparency,” Scott Steinford told NutraIngredients-USA.

Cardiologist Survey Shows Promise, Need for Education in $1Billion CoQ10 Market

“The survey results showed that most cardiologists are at least somewhat familiar with CoQ10... But they need guideline recommendations and solid data to justify use,” Mr. Steinford said.

CoQ10 Association Calls for Transparency

"The reality is transparency, information and education about CoQ10 at all levels of the distribution chain needs to occur on a proactive and purposeful manner." —Scott Steinford

The hidden costs and opportunities of sourcing ingredients from China

Nutrition Business Journal

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Trust and love, simultaneously, are quite likely the first and last emotions experienced by all humans.
Scott Steinford
Trust is essential throughout our lives and directly effects both our success and enjoyment of the life we build.
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Trust is one emotion that impacts both our personal and professional success. Building an awareness and dedication to improving the action of trust, both internally and externally, provides exponential benefits in all areas of one’s life.
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Trust Transparency is the ability to recognize and demonstrate the asset of trust in one’s own life as well as others.
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