Astaxanthin User Category Report

Astaxanthin User Category Report Image

ITC Consumer Insight reports take a deep dive into overall supplement users (2,004 supplement users in the US, UK and Germany) and astaxanthin-specific users. Each report contains:

  • Supplement consumer demographics
  • What supplements they’re buying and using
  • Shopping habits – what and where they buy and purchase enhancers and detractors
  • Astaxanthin supplement consumer-specific data on usage, types & format, familiarity, shopping habits and more
  • Data on the influence of trust, transparency and sustainability on purchase habits
  • Much more!

The Astaxanthin User Category Report takes a deeper look at user data, including year-over-year and cross-category comparisons. Download the Astaxanthin User Category Executive Summary and detailed Table of Contents to learn more.

This is actionable information designed to help you develop strategies to capitalize on this growing market.