*NEW* ITC Insights 2021 Global Report

ITC Insights 2021 Cover

The global supplement marketplace has recorded a banner year of growth as consumers have made personal health and well-being an increasing priority. This global market has surpassed $170 Billion, with the United States alone topping $55 billion (Source NBJ). Growth has been broad, ranging from dramatically increased awareness and consumption of traditional staples such as multivitamins and vitamin D, to less known and less ubiquitous ingredients such as elderberry to emerging ingredients such as astaxanthin and prebiotics. This growth has also spread across categories, ranging from overall wellness to immunity health to active nutrition and even vision health.

This 2021 ITC Insights Consumer Supplement User global report, fielded in late Spring 2021, walks readers through dietary and food supplement consumer buying behaviors and priorities across the US, UK, and Germany. It measures how behaviors have changed over the past several years, especially 2019 and 2020. The survey includes 1,000 US, 500 UK and 500 German consumers, all of whom use supplements to some extent and shares insights into their health issues and concerns, their familiarity with the industry and category, what they look for when purchasing supplements, and where and why they buy the products they do – for themselves and their families.

Within the included extensive charts, viewers can see drivers of purchase and trust, influences and impactors, over-arching education and market gaps that will lead to opportunities. The report starts with a broad assessment of several ingredient categories, measuring broad behavior and behavior changes including vitamin D, probiotics and omega-3s. Then the report digs deep into how supplement users value trust, transparency, sustainability and branded ingredients.

Report Size and format: 144 slides with supporting data; report provided as PDF and PPT

Charts include data on:

  • Supplement consumer demographics
  • What supplements they’re buying and using
  • Familiarity
  • Country comparisons
  • Shopping habits – what and where they buy and purchase enhancers and detractors
  • Data on the influence of trust, transparency and sustainability on purchase habits
  • Much more!

Please click here to access the Executive Summary and click here for the detailed Table of Contents.