Vitamin K Category Enhanced Report

ITC Insights Vitamin K Report Cover

These ITC Consumer Insight reports take a deep dive into overall supplement users (2,004 supplement users in the US, UK and Germany) and collagen-specific users. Each report contains:

  • Supplement consumer demographics
  • What supplements they’re buying and using
  • Shopping habits – what and where they buy and purchase enhancers and detractors
  • Collagen supplement consumer-specific data on usage, types & format, familiarity, shopping habits and more
  • Data on the influence of trust, transparency and sustainability on purchase habits
  • Much more!

The Vitamin K Category Enhanced Report takes a deeper look at user data, including year-over-year and cross-category comparisons. Download the free Vitamin K Report Summary.

This is actionable information designed to help you develop strategies to capitalize on this growing market.