Global strategy and insights organization serving the health ingredient and natural products space

66% of supplement users in the US, UK and Germany said transparency increases the likelihood they’ll purchase a product

Ingredient Transparency Center (ITC) surveys thousands of consumers and practitioners throughout the U.S., U.K., and Germany on an annual basis to bring to help companies validate market assumptions, learn about consumer mindsets, compare year over year attitudes and behaviors, and uncover insights into emerging and poorly understood ingredients. ITC delivers insights, defines a global strategy, and leads the implementation of effective action in the market.

Trust Transparency Center (TTC) utilizes trust transparency as a framework to provide insights and guidance to nutritional product stakeholders in the areas of Business Growth, Strategic Intelligence and Go-To-Market Strategy, M&A, Compliance and Risk Management. TTC’s Ingredient Transparency Center identifies emerging categories of nutritional ingredients, stewarding them while identifying challenges and potential, providing education, insights and community building and preventing their exploitation.

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