Case Studies

The following ‘case studies’ provide an idea of TTC expertise and how it has been employed on behalf of our global client base:

External Program Management – Sustainability & Regenerative Agriculture

Some 3 years ago, a core and legacy natural products company approached TTC. Since this company’s inception, it had supported a program contributing a percentage of its sales to regenerative and environmental activities. What it lacked, though, was an internal team that could bring the program to life, identifying new programs and administer the benchmarks to measure program and partner success and more importantly, impact. TTC became that team, working closely with company leadership.

Communications, Marketing and Media Management

A few years ago, an industry services company approached TTC as they developed their mission and market positioning while severely under-leveraged in communications, social media, marketing and trade media management. TTC essentially took on the role of CMO for this high growth company, leveraging its own experience and relationships to provide critical services and messaging to influencers, clients and beyond and to train the organization as it in turn developed.

Our Proprietary Data Sets = Your Filtered Leads

Trust Transparency Consulting has spent the past 5 years building data sets of companies in the industry and categories they operate within. On a contract basis, TTC has filtered these data sets against a company’s lead needs, be it target companies to acquire or leads for a certain type of proprietary branded ingredients – we take an organization’s criteria and filter our data sets accordingly – generating lists including contacts and contact information.

Product Ideation

With literally thousands of contacts globally TTC is well positioned to guide an organization’s growth imperatives from outright launch to repositioning. TTC was recently contacted to assist in the ideation, sourcing and positioning of a new international supplement line including multiple formats, health conditions and demographic targets.

EOS-Traction® in the Natural Products Industry

Using its Trust Transparency organizational scoring system and the EOS-Traction® (link to Traction) organizational management platform, TTC is able to benchmark companies across the natural and supplements industry and assist them in gaining focus, alignment and systems for sustainable growth.