Amazon gumming up the supplement market and going to the dogs

It’s been just over 900 days since Amazon launched their first brand of supplements, Amazon Elements,  with only four SKUs. Today, the brand carries 50. Amazon brands are continuing to advance in the marketplace in both size and strength. There are now almost 300 Amazon supplement SKUs across the various brands. Gummies are advancing at a rapid pace and occupy about 10% of the Amazon brands. Amazon is also advancing to new areas such as pet treats, pet supplements and pet food.

When launched in February 2017, the Elements brand highlighted transparency in a manner still unequaled by any other brand in the industry. Every bottle has the term “Transparency” strategically centered on the label. To the right of Transparency is a QR Code. Underneath the word Transparency is the verbiage:

To learn about the quality, purity, and potency of your product, scan with your Amazon Mobile App.

Scan the QR code and you get a summary of test results associated with your product. Read further on the website and you get country of origin for the ingredients used and the contract manufacturer is named:

Arizona Nutritional Supplements

Meet Our Manufacturer

We chose our manufacturer, Arizona Nutritional Supplements (ANS), because they have more than 20 years of experience in the world of dietary supplements. Located in Chandler, Arizona, ANS is known for their high-quality standards and thorough evaluation of products and ingredients at every stage. From raw materials to finished goods, their rigorous program ensures that you receive a high-quality, unadulterated product that you feel good about taking.

Apparently, not everyone craves transparency because Amazon continues to create more private brands absent that commitment. The largest Amazon owned brand, Solimo, was launched in March 2018. This brand has approximately 100 supplement SKUs and provides over 20 gummies products. The Solimo brand now also includes dog supplements and dog food.

While Elements contains no “gummies” products, Solimo provides about 20% of its line as gummies. Revly, another Amazon brand target to more of the active lifestyle crowd, now has 57 SKUs with 14 gummies products.

The Amazon line devoted to kids, Mama Bear, is almost all gummies. This brand is not expanding as fast as all others.

The Amazon brand OWN PWR sports 39 skus all designed to support the health and muscle enthusiast.

Amazon brands are going to the dogs in full force:

It is clear the Amazon brands are on a mission to private label food and supplements in a variety of manners and directions. While consumer migration to the brands has not been rampant, the pace is decidedly positive.

The question remains does all of this action raise the reputation and trust for our industry or does it serve to commoditize the industry? To some the sincerest form of flattery is imitation, to others the act of copying is theft. Which phrase do you think applies?