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An Interview with Scott Steinford

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Scott Steinford is co-founder and president of ZMC-USA based inThe Woodlands, Texas. He has a combined 17 years of pharmaceutical industry experience with 10 years of nutritional industry experience to develop a broad focus of the healthcare arena. In the pharmaceutical industry, Scott worked for companies such as Adams Laboratories, Novartis, Eisai and Daiichi. In the nutritional industry has held executive positions with Eisai, Kaneka and Embria. Scott holds a Bachelor’s degree from The University of Texas at Arlington and a Master’s of Science in law from Champlain College. He is a strong supporter of trade organization activities serving the nutritional industry as well as proudly serving on various editorial and executive advisory boards both inside and outside the nutraceutical arena.

Health E-Insights: Which is most important to your company—mission, core values or vision?

Mr. Steinford: Obviously all three are important to every organization, but I believe of the three core values are most important to ZMC-USA. We are not just building a company but ZMC-USA represents a departure from the way China has historically done business. Additionally, we are changing the dynamics of how North America views China. The most important aspect of our organization is the understanding that we are providing trust and confidence between two cultures that have historically had no such interaction. If we were to compromise our core values, the trust on which this business model is based would falter and the organization might subsequently fail. The ZMC-USA business model is based upon learning and trust. ZMC-USA’s mission statement is “The More You Know…TheBetter You Feel!” ZMC and ZMC-USA have historically provided the type value that is most appreciated during economic downturns.The basis for our business exists with the understanding that we are bridging the gap between two cultures—and that involves patienceand understanding, not lowest price.

Health E-Insights: As president of ZMC, what is one characteristic that you believe every leader should possess?

Mr. Steinford: Increasing confidence within the individuals of your organization is the single most important characteristic in leadership. The confident person makes rational decisions based on doing the right thing at the right time for the right reason, with all sides taken into consideration. Confident people move through life defining opportunities before others even discover them. The confident employee recognizes they possess strengths and weaknesses and adjust their decision process to incorporate the realization of both. An organization of confident people provides positive change and opens the possibilities for advances both professionally andpersonally.

Health E-Insights: What were your goals during the last 12 months and did you meet them?

Mr. Steinford: Professionally, ZMC-USA has had a goal of high double-digit sales and profit growth for several years and fortunately we have been able to achieve these goals. Personally, I made a commitment to myself after high school to attain a law degree. Life, love, mortgages, children and other opportunities prevented me from progressing much past a pre-law Bachelor’s degree. Three years ago I embarked on a journey to complete that goal, which I achieved August, 2010, earning a Master’s of Science in law from Champlain College. While I am not going to make any career changes as a result of this new achievement, it does feel good to complete a promise made to myself years ago.

Health E-Insights: On a similar note, what do you plan to have accomplished in 5, maybe 10 years, personally and/or professionally?

Mr. Steinford: My goals remain the same both personally and professionally as they have over my career. I love life and live to love—money is not my motivator and I have to respect what I am doing. I have been fortunate in my life and my career in the pharmaceutical and nutritional industries. Many people in these industries have found themselves forced to make uncomfortable compromises.Whether by luck or by strategy, I have found myself in the position to make choices that I am proud of. Hindsight is often filled with some regrets, but in my case it has been minimal both personally and professionally. I hope the next 5 or 10 years allow me to experience life with the same passion and compassion afforded the past 50 years.

Health E-Insights: What are you passionate about?

Mr. Steinford: I am passionate about people and education. I believe in people and the spirit and souls they possess. I believe our greatest legacy should not be what we leave behind but who we leave behind, and the belief that future generations will benefit from our interactions, not just our actions. My great grandfather used to tell me stories of coming to Texas on horseback around 1900 from Missouri and meeting my great grandmother on a wagon train along the way. His formal education stopped at the third grade and he never let me forget education is a privilege—one that should never be taken for granted. In his lifetime he traversed the country by horseback and saw men land on the moon. I will never be able to articulate the passion for education he possessed as a result of his own lack of opportunity, but I am hopeful I can embody his spirit and exemplify his values toward education and the incredible gift it is for people.

Health E-Insights: If I see you at the hotel bar at Expo West, what might you be drinking?

Mr. Steinford: Ok, when you are spotted wearing a kilt a couple times this type of question often turns up in an interview. You will likely find me at the hotel bar at Expo West, and my potent potable (I love Jeopardy) will depend on the time and success of the day. Best-case scenario: I will be surrounded with friends appreciating an aged fine single malt whiskey, relaxed and smiling. If I am huddled over a shot glass of tequila mumbling to myself, it might be better to walk on by as it was not a great day, but the scotch will come out tomorrow.

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