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October 25, 2018

When I first introduced NPIcenter back in 1999 with my business partner Jason (@jasonbu), the natural products industry and traditional communications pathways were part of a different universe. It doesn’t matter whether we think about ourselves as having been a news service, content provider, directory, or even industry voice, so much has changed – and so much has not.

Our backdrop then was the emergence of the Internet as a viable connection medium, and one in which we, as NPIcenter, could be at once a hub and industry megaphone, calling out individual, company and association efforts, commenting on industry views with a deliberate editorial stance that felt science, intellectual property and industry commitment should be celebrated and honored. We were a portal, gathering around ourselves a group of leading companies, largely at the branded ingredient level, and these companies and individuals became community constituents, friends and business partners over the years.

Our industry communications landscape has changed dramatically over the past 19 years. When we launched, industry print pubs still had press releases occupying much of the magazine. The Internet sped up the news cycle so dramatically that even ‘48 hours’ could not meet market expectations – we had daily news and newsletters for the first time. The Internet also allowed anyone to become a ‘content provider’, meaning that news, information and even ‘disinformation’ were allowed to flourish in the Internet ‘free for all’. Then we went through a period of progressive search optimization, where the providers of unique content were rewarded with high ranking and repetitive content (read ‘releases’) was devalued. Press releases and product introductions evolved to media updates and supply chain driving documents (technical bulletins).

Into this content storm, new social platforms have emerged: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn, followed by Instagram as video and photos began to outperform the written word both from a viewer preference as well as an optimal search engine algorithm. While we still have print publications, tradeshows and conferences, their role has altered as business opportunity funnels have become more structured and digitized. We’ve learned that nothing replaces face to face, but you better have a high ROI on that face to face activity due to cost, opportunity cost and new accountabilities.

It’s not only images and video. Our appetite (and attention span) has dramatically changed. While demand for full on feature articles may mostly be a thing of the past, blog size posts by experts and editors get wide viewership – when business leaders get the chance to actually read them. More often though, we are simply skimming headlines and subject lines trying to find those critical keywords. Deep dives, it seems, are still reserved for those long airplane rides.

What’s next in the content landscape? With industry media consolidation, there are fewer vehicles and platforms to use to get messages out. We still have a problem reaching and impacting a broader audience – we often talk amongst ourselves as a sector. This is certainly the case when you consider younger generations that don’t understand (or care) how this industry has traditionally operated. With more cautious approaches to targeting content against viewers, it’s even more challenging to get in front of the right folks. Unlike other industries, as a sector, our approaches to content marketing are often far too promotional and therefore do not perform adequately, either on SEO or on lead generation.

A tech consultant I spoke with this past week informed me that the new search algorithms favor content at least 2700 words long, and with 30 inbound links. This represents a new content marketing opportunity, but it leaves room for other content types that will not be SEO recognizable. What happens to those? And what happens to the generations of readers who want blog style and not 2700 word treatises?

For the past several years I’ve been of the opinion that the future of content lies in the user-generated type, and that if you could create a gamified environment where the most valuable, trusted content was rewarded and celebrated, then that could in fact create a highly motivated and engaged community. You’d have subject matter experts, gurus in fact, and you’d reward them with perks. And because they were respected and trusted, who better than to help evaluate and upvote other valuable trusted content and content providers? If those perks were noticeable and ultimately monetizable, well, they’d be potentially lucrative. A Blockchain platform operating a social media network allows this to occur. You have witnesses, trust, reward, gamification, engagement and community.

At Trust Transparency Center, we believe that the future of certain aspects of content lie on social platform building blocks. In this case, the Steem blockchain platform provides the support. All that’s needed is subject matter experts and community. The natural products industry is not yet broadly present on the platform, we’re here at TTC to assist, and have created Nunesso as our community hub. Contact us and we’ll help you get started on Steem and to engage with this future-focused natural products industry community.

~Len (@lmon)

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Lori Diez

Lori Diez combines compassion and excellence to lead organizations to their next level. A small-town Texas childhood taught her the value of hard work and relationships, which she uses to foster teamwork that brings results that have transformed cultures and programs to their highest potential. Her successful career in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sales leadership and event hosting has prepared her to deliver results as the COO of TrustTransparency, where she uses her industry knowledge to ensure that the company’s operations run smoothly as they support nutraceutical companies in their mission to help others. Lori’s passion for charity reflects her belief that individuals working together can change the world, no matter how small their contribution to the effort. This year, she looks forward to continuing over a decade of service at the Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo, where she will be the Chairman of the Livestock Committee.

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Conference Handouts

CoQ10 Statin Associated Myaglia Meta Study Barry Tan 0618 Case Study

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Statin Q10 Effect Case Study

Statin Q10 Effect Case Study

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Glynnda Steinford

Glynnda Steinford, Trust Transparency Consulting’s Director of Customer Relations, brings over four decades of healthcare experience to her vital role in client engagement and relationship building. Her diverse background spans from administering medical groups to impactful stints in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sales, all underlined by her degree in Healthcare Administration.

At the heart of Glynnda’s work is her talent for nurturing long-term connections, a skill she leverages to enhance client experiences and partnerships within the consultancy. Beyond her professional commitments, she enjoys life’s simple pleasures, whether it’s her love for cats and cooking or her ventures into golf, always prioritizing cherished moments with family and friends. Her personal interests echo the dedication and warmth she extends in her professional network, making her an invaluable asset to the team.

Caiti Dowden

Caiti Dowden stands as a crucial pillar at Trust Transparency Consulting, bringing invaluable insight and expertise to her role as Senior Executive Assistant’ since her start in 2018. With an academic background from Sam Houston University and a career shift from education to the nutraceutical sphere in 2010, Caiti has cultivated a sharp acumen for dissecting industry trends and bolstering strategic decision-making.

Her transition from Data Analyst reflects her growth and deep understanding of the business landscape. Caiti’s commitment goes beyond professional excellence; she thrives on balance, drawing from her rich life outside of work to enhance her organizational contributions. Whether it’s family time, volunteering, or rooting for Houston’s sports teams, she believes in embracing experiences to fuel her professional creativity and insight.

In her current role, Caiti’s dedication to dynamic business analysis and operational support proves her to be an irreplaceable asset to our team, embodying the synergy of personal enrichment and professional success.

Pam Hilpert

Pam Hilpert, Chief of Staff at Trust Transparency Consulting, has been instrumental in the firm since its inception, leveraging her 17 years of accounting experience, including a significant tenure in the nutrition sector. Her collaboration with Scott Steinford spans various successful ventures, emphasizing her integral role in the company’s financial and strategic initiatives.

An alumnus of Sam Houston State University, Pam holds degrees in both Business Administration and Accounting, as well as an MBA, adding academic heft to her practical industry insights. Beyond her professional prowess, Pam is passionate about family, enjoys live music, delves into quilting, and volunteers at her church, reflecting her well-rounded life.

Her multifaceted expertise and longstanding dedication make Pam a cornerstone of Trust Transparency Consulting’s operational strength and team unity.

Scott Steinford

Scott Steinford, a trailblazer in strategic leadership, boasts a certified M&A background, having navigated companies from their genesis to industry prominence. His brainchild, Trust Transparency Consulting, born in 2007, stands as a testament to his dedication to ethical business practices and strategic foresight, offering industry stakeholders invaluable guidance.

Beyond founding and steering companies, Scott has enriched the business landscape with his insightful keynotes and prolific written contributions, emphasizing his commitment to elevating industry standards. His executive tenure shines in roles as CEO or President of for-profits like ZMC-USA and Doctor’s Best, extending to significant contributions in non-profit sectors.

Notably, Scott’s influence is a driving force in the CoQ10 market, where his leadership has significantly bolstered the ingredient’s global presence. His roles in various capacities, including as a New Hope Ambassador, keep the community informed, providing in-depth industry reports and insights.

An active advocate within professional associations and an Editorial Advisor for leading industry publications, Scott’s expertise is both recognized and sought after. With academic roots in Pre-Law and a Master’s in Law, his journey transcends textbooks, embodying real-world business acumen and transformative leadership.

Scott Steinford merges visionary entrepreneurship with principled leadership, creating a legacy of innovation, growth, and unwavering commitment to industry excellence.