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TTC’s 2020 Vision for the Natural Products Industry

This is year three for TTC’s trend predictions and for the most part they’ve held up (check last year’s here). Developing these is never easy—our team has multiple conversations/debates etc. But, the dialogue is always thought provoking and helps set part of our strategy for the upcoming year. This year we had the opportunity to reflect not just on the year, but the decade as well.

Some highlights from this year’s list:

Prebiotics continue to be on the rise. In a consumer survey we fielded earlier this year, over 80% of supplement users in the US (Trust Transparency Center survey of 1000 consumers conducted in August 2019) now recognize prebiotics. Even more promising—many of these consumers choose prebiotics specifically for digestive and immune health, indicating that consumers have an understanding that prebiotics are more than just another fiber source.

We will see a rise of nutribeauty products that are founded on science vs. the fairy dusting we’ve seen in the past. This is good for the entire industry as claims with teeth help all boats rise.

No trend list would be complete without addressing CBD. This juggernaut will come to a head in 2020 and needs to be founded on proactive communication of solid safety evidence. Hopefully the science catches up or the entire category could blow up, and not in a good way.

We’ve discussed contract manufacturing quite a bit in previous articles, speaking engagements etc. Disclosure of CMs will become standard operating procedure and no longer will CMs be able to hide behind the brands.

A decade ago, the premise and promise of nutrigenomics and personalization were not ready for prime time. A decade has changed that. Younger generations represent increasing numbers of our consumers. Your values and your authenticity matters to them and they make buying decisions around them. And are we truly ready for the synbio/natural/synthetic/analog conversations that we need to have? We believe so, and that brands and consumers need to hear them.

As we enter the next decade, we’ll be monitoring these trends and diving into some of them. What’s on your watch list? Drop us a line at


Len, Scott & Traci

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