Who is Your Hero?

September 5, 2017

Everyone should have a hero in mind they both recognize and celebrate.

My hero is my son Adam. The birth of my oldest son was an exhausting experience that was significantly difficult for both Adam and his mother. After 19 hours of labor with no progress, the team of doctors decided a C-section was necessary. I had been in the room much of the time but had to leave when surgery was ordered. I was just leaving and outside of the room when I heard the monitor alarms sound loudly, and hospital personnel rushed past me into the room. I could tell both Adam and my wife were in danger. The noise of a “flat-line” alert from the monitors echoed in my mind. I’m certain the sound was very short, but it was an eternity in my mind. What seemed like hours were minutes, and both mom and son experienced a short bout of hypoxia (about a minute of not breathing), but I was soon told both mom and son were ok.

The immediate joy of being a new parent was fantastic. However, it was not long before we started to notice development challenges in Adam. Brain scans and psychological tests found that a significant amount of the frontal lobe, as well as other portions of the brain, were not operating which impacted his ability to process information in a typical manner. Physicians said Adam would not be able to maintain employment and experts doubted his ability to finish school. In short, his prospects for a normal, happy life were not likely.

Adam personifies what hardship is, and the effort it takes to overcome it. Adam’s disability is not immediately noticeable, which proved to be as much of a curse as a blessing as he grew up. If Adam had a visible handicap, more patience or kindness might have been extended. Adam was not able to evaluate social situations or more specifically body language or social cues. The disability led to anxiety on his behalf and misunderstandings with those with whom he interacted. Especially in school, kids can be very mean as they are all working to develop their own egos, often at the expense of others. However, through many hardships and even more determination, Adam graduated from a public high school.

We encouraged Adam to work with animals through Future Farmers of America and later to develop a veterinary assistant career path because of all the pain I saw inflicted by his classmates. Adam learned early in life that animals are unconditional in their love when you earn their trust. Adam attained post high school education certificates in veterinarian related activities. He maintained a job for seven years with an understanding veterinarian and an equally understanding staff. Adam now works at a grocery store and works through life with dedication and passion. He recently married and is a father to two beautiful girls. And, fortunately it is easier to avoid unsupportive people in your adult life, so Adam has been able to create a successful and “normal” life that he and all around him can be proud of.

Every parent has seen their child endure pain and suffering to some degree. The first time a parent realizes they are helpless to completely protect their child or fix whatever hurt they feel is significant. That desire to protect sometimes never goes away but the parent’s angst becomes easier to manage as we see these children become adults who can handle the challenges before them. Any child who can overcome a lifetime of physical or mental challenge to succeed as an adult is a hero to me.

We all have heroes in our life that have shaped who and what we are. It’s important to say thank you to those individuals and share their stories. Exemplary stories like Adam’s are likely to inspire others as people grow positive when they hear uplifting stories. The world seems filled with negativity and bad news. In reality most of our immediate surroundings can be seen in a positive light and your hero, or heroes, can help you remember and focus on the strength you have received from them. Who is your hero and when was the last time you thanked them and shared their story of inspiration?

Author: richard151

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Lori Diez

Lori Diez combines compassion and excellence to lead organizations to their next level. A small-town Texas childhood taught her the value of hard work and relationships, which she uses to foster teamwork that brings results that have transformed cultures and programs to their highest potential. Her successful career in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sales leadership and event hosting has prepared her to deliver results as the COO of TrustTransparency, where she uses her industry knowledge to ensure that the company’s operations run smoothly as they support nutraceutical companies in their mission to help others. Lori’s passion for charity reflects her belief that individuals working together can change the world, no matter how small their contribution to the effort. This year, she looks forward to continuing over a decade of service at the Houston Livestock Show And Rodeo, where she will be the Chairman of the Livestock Committee.

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Glynnda Steinford

Glynnda Steinford, Trust Transparency Consulting’s Director of Customer Relations, brings over four decades of healthcare experience to her vital role in client engagement and relationship building. Her diverse background spans from administering medical groups to impactful stints in pharmaceutical and nutraceutical sales, all underlined by her degree in Healthcare Administration.

At the heart of Glynnda’s work is her talent for nurturing long-term connections, a skill she leverages to enhance client experiences and partnerships within the consultancy. Beyond her professional commitments, she enjoys life’s simple pleasures, whether it’s her love for cats and cooking or her ventures into golf, always prioritizing cherished moments with family and friends. Her personal interests echo the dedication and warmth she extends in her professional network, making her an invaluable asset to the team.

Caiti Dowden

Caiti Dowden stands as a crucial pillar at Trust Transparency Consulting, bringing invaluable insight and expertise to her role as Senior Executive Assistant’ since her start in 2018. With an academic background from Sam Houston University and a career shift from education to the nutraceutical sphere in 2010, Caiti has cultivated a sharp acumen for dissecting industry trends and bolstering strategic decision-making.

Her transition from Data Analyst reflects her growth and deep understanding of the business landscape. Caiti’s commitment goes beyond professional excellence; she thrives on balance, drawing from her rich life outside of work to enhance her organizational contributions. Whether it’s family time, volunteering, or rooting for Houston’s sports teams, she believes in embracing experiences to fuel her professional creativity and insight.

In her current role, Caiti’s dedication to dynamic business analysis and operational support proves her to be an irreplaceable asset to our team, embodying the synergy of personal enrichment and professional success.

Pam Hilpert

Pam Hilpert, Chief of Staff at Trust Transparency Consulting, has been instrumental in the firm since its inception, leveraging her 17 years of accounting experience, including a significant tenure in the nutrition sector. Her collaboration with Scott Steinford spans various successful ventures, emphasizing her integral role in the company’s financial and strategic initiatives.

An alumnus of Sam Houston State University, Pam holds degrees in both Business Administration and Accounting, as well as an MBA, adding academic heft to her practical industry insights. Beyond her professional prowess, Pam is passionate about family, enjoys live music, delves into quilting, and volunteers at her church, reflecting her well-rounded life.

Her multifaceted expertise and longstanding dedication make Pam a cornerstone of Trust Transparency Consulting’s operational strength and team unity.

Scott Steinford

Scott Steinford, a trailblazer in strategic leadership, boasts a certified M&A background, having navigated companies from their genesis to industry prominence. His brainchild, Trust Transparency Consulting, born in 2007, stands as a testament to his dedication to ethical business practices and strategic foresight, offering industry stakeholders invaluable guidance.

Beyond founding and steering companies, Scott has enriched the business landscape with his insightful keynotes and prolific written contributions, emphasizing his commitment to elevating industry standards. His executive tenure shines in roles as CEO or President of for-profits like ZMC-USA and Doctor’s Best, extending to significant contributions in non-profit sectors.

Notably, Scott’s influence is a driving force in the CoQ10 market, where his leadership has significantly bolstered the ingredient’s global presence. His roles in various capacities, including as a New Hope Ambassador, keep the community informed, providing in-depth industry reports and insights.

An active advocate within professional associations and an Editorial Advisor for leading industry publications, Scott’s expertise is both recognized and sought after. With academic roots in Pre-Law and a Master’s in Law, his journey transcends textbooks, embodying real-world business acumen and transformative leadership.

Scott Steinford merges visionary entrepreneurship with principled leadership, creating a legacy of innovation, growth, and unwavering commitment to industry excellence.