The CoQ10 Report

Coenzyme Q10 (or CoQ10), a fat-soluble nutrient produced naturally in the body and used in cells to create energy, occupies a unique and unprecedented place in the story of dietary supplement ingredients. It creates usable energy serving as a cofactor in the electron transport chain that is involved in the synthesis of ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Without CoQ10 the body cannot create energy, which has implications in all body systems from heart and brain function to hearing and vision. But CoQ10 production is also known to decline with age and is increasingly linked to diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

As a supplement ingredient, CoQ10 is without comparison in its function, evidence and safety. CoQ10, which is now the third most popular dietary supplement in North America, has a unique stature as one of only a few dietary ingredients that was first considered a pharmaceutical. This distinction brings with it a variety of opportunities and challenges for suppliers, manufacturers and brand marketers interested in the market. It is a highly competitive segment but has relatively few big players, with high technical production costs and a high barrier to entry. However, with its connection to statin drugs, a globally recognized protocol for cardiovascular treatment, CoQ10’s potential around the world may be unparalleled.

To understand where the CoQ10 market is going, this Report, from the CoQ10 Association, is designed to provide a comprehensive history of the market, as well as insights into its future, including potential obstacles and opportunities. It provides an in-depth analysis on CoQ10’s production, bioavailability, and forms, the global and regional market size and forecasted growth, market positioning and channel analysis, as well as a key breakdown of suppliers, brands and competitive factors that will play a role in CoQ10’s future development. It is a must-read for industry stakeholders.